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Scotter's First Burning Man 2007

I put this movie together from photos and video shot on my little Canon Digital Elph camera (SD 800 IS). The movie is 10 minutes long. If you have speakers, please turn them on. Some parts of the video are sound-dependent.

Pick a version based on your Internet connection:

Large (Cable/DSL) QuickTime (MOV)
640 x 480 - 90% Quality
44 KHz 16 bit Stereo sound

Small (Dial-up)  QuickTime (MOV)
320 x 240 - 70% Quality
24 KHz 16 bit Stereo sound

Large (Cable/DSL) Windows Media (WMV)
640 x 480 - 79% Quality
44 KHz 160 kbps CBR Stereo

If you don't have QuickTime
installed, get it here free.

Download (not streaming)
Right-click and "save as" on link below:
Small (Dial-up) MPEG-2 (MPG)
320x240 - 75% Quality
44 KHz 192 kbps

The movie has a clip of Jodie
dancing Tango. If you want
to see more Tango, click here

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