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BionX codes

0007 : Sensor sensitivity: Set to 3.0 or higher
0008 : Extra assistance: Set "A" to 4.0, Set "B" to 3.0 (when it kicks in)
3773 : Max speed (assist), set to OFF (0)
3775 : Max speed (throttle) , set to OFF (0)
3776 : Speed motor will start, set to LOW (1)
2006 : Brake sensor, set to ON

1234 : Sensor speed signal , set to 2
1970 : Configuration backlight. Set to OFF
1976 : Motor direction. Set to 1 (forward)
2001 : Set to km/h
2002 : Generative braking, set to max (64)
2003 : Activate battery remain display (toggle)
2004 : Set the clock to current time
2005 : Set wheel size to 2075
2007 : Polarity throttle, set to 0
3771 : Set wheel size to 2075
3774 : PR ? set to ON
3779 : Time and Distance remaining display, activate if not active already.

Menu code 5000 to reset console
Menu code 3772 to set console to diagnostic mode
Menu code 0041 to activate 12C. Unknown setting

Press and hold Mode for 5 cycles of backlight toggles to reset battery. Will beep rapidly when reset.
Hold Mode button 2 seconds for backlight Press Chrono and +A or -G to set display contrast
Press Chrono to select display type. Hold Chrono 2 seconds to reset data
Press and hold Mode and +A to arm alarm

on menu 0007, 1.0 is too low and the controller often doesn't detect the cyclist pedaling.
Set to 3.0 allows detection of cyclist earlier and more sensitivity to changes in cyclist torque output.

Diag mode (menu 3772) allowed me to find that the "B" option on menu 0008 is best to be set to 1.0 rather than 25.0. This is the speed where extra assistance kicks in. If this is the case, it's probably better to have it kick in at a lower speed. The assist power (upper left digits in diagnostic mode) were higher with the 1.0 value and seemed to climb faster from a complete stop.

I turn on #3779. It just adds 2 more modes to the normal "chrono" display which can be useful if you want to see how much longer and how much further you can go (estimate).

Maxed out #2006. When I use the regen brake (with the mag switch) I want it to brake as much as possible.

Axle bolts must be between 40 and 50 Newton Meters tight.

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