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Filters in the Information Age

As time moves on, we are increasingly inundated with information. So we are building filters. I believe ADHD is merely an expression of one of these filters.

I'm actively working on getting better at recognizing filters and finding ways to get through or past them.

Right now I'm working on increasing my understanding of three types of filters. Can you think of others?

Face-to-face filters - how do we talk with someone so we get a message across without boring them? How do we keep their attention? How do we motivate them?
Mediated filters - how do we sculpt a text message, email, blog, video, or web site so it gets through those filters and people understand it and want to share it?
Search filters - how do we "play the web" so that people find (Google search) our messages (site/blog) when they search for information online?

Why do I care? Three primary purposes:
Spread Nonviolent Communication (NVC).
Communication efficiency with friends, lovers, clients, and colleagues.
So my web development company survives and thrives. My customers have been asking for SEO for years and I'm no longer ignoring them.

What do you think?
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