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Advanced Forum Details


- Built-in poll system - create an instant poll in any message and view who voted what option with a mouse click!

- Group-based policy which means complete control over "who can do what".

- Powerful community callendar and photo gallery

- User-definable registration fields

- Search engine friendly interface

- Multi-lingual interface


- Unified Search Interface

- Multiple Attachments

- True message Threading

- WYSIWYG editor

- Unlimited Subforums & categories

- Message Read tracking indicator - your members no longer have to memorize which threads they have read during the current session.

- Toggle on/off popup posting interface!

- Online user list - track where your buddies are on the forum

- Built-in FAQ system - no need to purchase a separate knowledge base application for your site

- Private message system with multiple folders (just like Outlook Express) for private , member to member, communication

- Address book system with multiple groups for organizing your friends in the community + an ignore list to block messages (PM or forum) from certain members

- Document Revision system to keep track of message changes in the forum

- Post moderation system to screen out malicious posts before they appear on your forum

- Built-in support for ALL time formats and languages

- Flexible color scheme system and Dynamic CSS system

- Powerful forum filters to block bad words, e-mail domains, IP Addresses, and malicious usernames

- On-the-fly smiley face and avatar management

- Built-in DB Manager V.2 - a complete replacement for the SQL Query Analyzer for setting up and managing your forum's database!

- Ultra-fast message searching with keyword relevance using SQL Server Full-text search engine!

- Recycle bin - remove and restore posts with ease!

- Subscription interface (redesigned) - unified interface for managing multiple subscriptions at once, and act as a powerful bookmark system!

- Flexible PGDCode - a powerful text formating system

- Message rating system - allows you to give specific ranking to your members based on the score they receive for their messages!

- Available: Integration with Sigma Chat (Powerful Java based Chat solution)
based in Austin, Texas site map Contact us for a free estimate now.