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Solutions & Resources

View part of the book here free.
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Does your mother treat you like a child?

Useful NVC sayings

How to enjoy family members during the holidays


Change the World - Step 1: Occupy your heart

Privacy is Becoming Obsolete and Why It Needs to Happen

List of Needs - condensed list by Scotter

List of Feelings we have when our needs are not being met (from the book)

Chart: NVC vs. "Nice Talk"

Language that denies choice. You don't "deserve" to be happy.

Center for Nonviolent Communication

Connection Times

NVC Wiki

Ray Taylor, Mediator & Coach

NVC Family Camp


We are meaning making machines

What is empathy?
Great food for thought!

What motivates people
Fun animation that posits a surprising theory.
What motivates us? Not money but:
- Purpose
- Recognition
- Autonomy

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