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Manage site navigation menu

(1) Log in to your site so that you see [edit page] or (admin menu) at the top of pages on your web site. If you don't have a link to "sign in" or "admin menu," go to
Go to any section of your site and then "Show Pages". Notice at the top where it says TOP: i_top_home.asp (or a similar file name, yours may be i_left_home.asp or something else. Whatever it says next to "TOP:" click that). Clicking on that link brings up a new window with a lot of stuff. I'm going to skip to telling you what it reveals that we are looking for so you don't have to hunt thru code. We want you to know this was here so you can see how to change a few things like background images, for example. The file it reveals to us is "i_nav_top.asp".  Note 1: Your global nav file may not be called "i_nav_top.asp". If you can not find that file thru step 3-4 below, please feel free to email or text us to ask us to tell you what that file is called. We recommend scanning thru your i_top_home.asp first to see if you can find the file. Mainly because we want you to see how much power you have over your site. Note 2: We do back this up often so you don't have to worry about messing it up. If you want to be extra safe, send a text msg to 512-497-4841 to ask us to do a quick backup.  Close that edit window.
(3) Go to ADMIN MENU --> MANAGE FILES. You will see an image like the one below:

You should now see a list of files that determine the top, left, right, and bottom of your web site.
WARNING: CHANGING THESE FILES CAN HAVE DRASTIC CONSEQUENCES FOR YOUR WEB SITE. Note, though, if you mess up a file, we at OceanMedia (512-497-4841) have backups we can quickly upload to fix the problem.
The TOP horizontal menus are usually controlled by files that begin with "i_top___.asp" and a file called "i_nav_top.html".

The LEFT vertical menus are controlled by files that begin with
"i_nav___.asp" or "i_left____.asp".

The CSS is controlled by a file called styles.css.

To change any of these files:
Click the "Edit" link next to the file you want to make changes to. A new window should come up with your file contents ready to be changed!
Save the new version.
These files effect every page of your site. In order to see your web site pages showing the changes you made, you may need to rebuild. You can either rebuild one page at a time or you can rebuild the entire site.
 You will need to "Rebuild Page" or even "Admin Menu" --> "Rebuild Entire Site from Database" since all pages rely on that i_nav_top.asp" file.


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