Ecstatic Chromatic Camp
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Thanks for Registering! Step 1 Complete

Thanks for your application!

NEXT STEP: Please deliver a check, cash, or money order for $80 to Kerry or her house (5206 La Bahia, Austin, 78745). Make checks payable to Kerry Smith. Registration is not official until camp list is published on April 15th. If you are not picked to be in the camp, the full amount will be returned. Please provide us with a valid return mailing address in case we need to mail your check back. Or, if you tell us to just tear it up, we are happy to oblige.

You MUST choose a camp job and pay your dues to be eligible for participation.

NOTE: Registering and paying does not guarantee you a spot in the camp. We have limited space and are being mindful of group dynamics. Camp acceptance is based on contributions in previous years, intended contribution this year, and your role in fostering overall camp harmony. If you are not picked, please do not take it personally. One of the core members (Kerry, Ethan, Jodie, or Scott) will tell you why.

NOTE: No refunds. You can transfer your "paid spot in Ecstatic Chromatic Camp" to another person but it is your responsibility to find that other person AND the person will need to go through this registration and approval process.

Congratulations to you, to me, and to the whole world! 

During the next few weeks, we'll be receiving registration intentions from all the lovely folk who will make Ecstatic Chromatic happen this year. I'm sure you'll be getting an email or two with more details about the camp, opportunities to participate, and about how registration is shaping up. Final camp roster will be posted and distributed April 15. If there are people you want to be a part of this Ecstatic creation, pass camp info along! Any questions, send em along. Lots of contact info on this website, too.

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