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Wish List

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Main ParachutepreK
Wagon for Ice

banquet tables (2)
banquet table (6)

folding chairs (8)
folding chairs (17)

dry erase board

dry erase markers
cushions (20)

Glow in the dark tape for rebar tops
Any kind of lighting. Preferably battery-powered.

We need pillows! We have pillows left over from last year but only about 2/3 of them survived. Please contribute pillows! Scott is the keeper of pillows. You can either (a) bring pillows to him to store and manage or (b) you can bring them with you to Flipside and toss them into the dome when the carpet has finished being put down. NOTE: Only contribute pillows you are prepared to lose. Mud, rain, insects, etc.
Recommended Personal Camping Gear List
* = Important to bring these items to Burning Man. Not so important for Flipside.

Batteries - lots
Bedding & Pillows
Bicycle (Use EL Wire or other lighting for Bike)*
Bungies - lots (Useful for many things, including adding extra stability to your tent to help it weather a storm)
Camera - remember to ask permission before taking photos of people
Camp chairs
Carpet - If you can find some used carpet or carpet scraps, this will vastly improve the comfort of your tent as well as soak up moisture. Also, a strip of carpet in front of your tent door provides a nice place to take your shoes off as well as reduces amount of debris that will get into your tent.
Costumes - be sure to bring at least two pair of shoes. You will probably do a lot of walking and a shoe switch may become necessary if you get blisters or a pair gets soaked. Boots are useful but a pair of sandals can be a relief after clomping around in boots.
Ear plugs - or if your ears are sensitive, you can get over-the-ear sound dampening "headphones" - I have a pair of these $18 from Home Depot: - they come in handy and will work in combination with earplugs to provide pure silence in any situation.
EL Wire - Flexible tubes of light that use very little energy. String these outside your tent, into your outfit, or on your bike. Best place to acquire:
Flashlights - Bring more than one - assume one will be lost or hard to find
Hat & hair ties
Ice chests - Tip: Freeze your water bottles
Kerchiefs to cover nose/mouth for dust storms*
Lantern and/or Fans (great/cheap battery-powered @ Academy)
Lighters - assume you will lose some; bring a few.
Lotion & Aloe*
Plastic bin to keep must-stay-dry items in
Pocket knife
Seam Sealer for tent
Shade structure
Solar shower
Sun screen
Tent & stakes (Something flashy or bright or glowing to demarcate your tent's boundaries to help you find your tent and to prevent people from tripping over your stakes, poles, ropes, etc.)
Toilet paper
Toiletries (soap, tooth paste, tooth brush, condoms, lube)
Towels - lots (you can never have too many towels. Especially if your tent gets leaks)
Trash bags & Ziploc baggies - lots
Umbrella (for sun & rain)
Water - 3 gallons per person per day
Wet Wipes and/or washcloths

Packing tip: Put clothes in Ziploc baggies and force out all the air. Your clothes will take up less space and for Burning Man it helps with the ever-present dust. Do the same for tortilla chips; remove them from their original packaging and use Ziplocs. They will pack smaller and be easier to keep fresh later.

Burning Man tent tips: (1) If you have the resources, get a two-room tent where you can designate one room as the "airlock" (the room you use to enter and exit the tent). Less dust will get into your "sleeping room". (2) add removable window covers to the inside of all mesh windows. The dust goes thru that mesh like water. The rain cover will not keep the dust out during dust storms! I glued Velcro around every window and to every window cover.

Useful Links:
Get immune to poison ivy (thanks Katie Arambasick):
Nucara Pharmacy
5770 North Mo-Pac Expressway
Austin, TX 78731-4281
(512) 454-9923

Wind! Securing your structure:

Try solar instead of generator:


Exodus from Burning Man:

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