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based in Austin, TX
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Companies Making a Better World

Austin's Active Life Wellness & Healthcare Center
Voted Best of Austin. Their multi-disciplinary team provides chiropractic, physical therapy, sports injuries, acupuncture, Chinese medicine, massage therapy, Graston Technique, and workshops on nutrition and weight loss.

Austin Kung Fu
A testimonial: An excellent Kung Fu / Tai Chi school‎‎....I have been going to this school for 6 years now and I really can't speak highly enough about it. Before this I had tried several Wu Shu schools but they were all horribly expensive, had limited schedules and I found that the amount of material they actually offered to teach was rather limited. Shaolin-Do is exactly the opposite in every respect. Reasonably priced, a huge schedule and the amount of material available for you to learn is vast, pretty much limited only by how much you want to achieve. And when it comes to having the right teacher to reach that potential, you really could not do better than Master Joe. His understanding of the art and personal approach to teaching have really helped me excel and taken my own mental and physical abilities to levels I had not really thought possible.

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