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Violence, Sex, Nudity, and Kids

Is our culture encouraging the raising of future adults who are more likely to see violence (rather than love) as the preferred solution to problems? Does it have anything to do with what seems to me to be a preponderance amongst Americans to accept war as a solution to International problems?

Look at our movie rating system! Look at what is "acceptable" (legally and in most households) to say around or show to children! Are we letting our fears rule us? To what extent? To what end?

Where does this come from? Some of my most hip, intelligent, and admired friends who have children subscribe to this "violence is ok but nudity and love making is not to be talked about or seen" model and I'm curious! Disclaimer to you parents: I know you care intensely about your kids and you take good care of them. You are the one living day in and day out with your children and responsible for them in such a huge way!

Is there more to the passing down of this "violence is ok & nudity/sex is not ok" model than just the parent's own upbringing + life-long media exposure? If so, what other factors are contributing to this? Like, for example, do many of these parents wish to be more accepting of the human body and it's capability for acts of love and yet fear how their children might be ridiculed and rejected by their peers if these children revealed how liberal their home life was? Or parents might be seen as "unfit" and even risk losing their children to authorities if their children were seen to be hip about nudity & sex? Or is this all merely bio/genetic-based? Because our bodies are programmed to not be ready for sex until a certain age, are these parenting behaviors merely a biologically programmed response?

I also realize this is not a black & white subject. After all, there are many degrees of violence and many degrees of nudity and love-acts. I don't know any parents who want their kids watching full blown dismemberment or x-rated sex scenes and I can understand why. Are those two things equivalent? What IS equivalent? Is a punch in the face equivalent to a kiss on the mouth? What about someone shooting or stabbing someone else? To me, those might be equivalent to a couple making love or a woman having a baby [personally, I'd opt for the love scenes]. And where on that scale are things like showing a breast, bare ass, vagina, or penis? I'm not pretending to know what is "right", as if there is any right or wrong for everyone. There are sooo many variables, including age.

What do YOU think?

I want to know what you think on this topic!

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