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Nexus S by Samsung

The obsolete Samsung Nexus S was pushed out the door to capitalize on holiday sales.

I bought the Nexus One in January of 2010 because it was state of the art and even a little bit ahead of its time. I wanted a phone that would last. It is sturdy, elegant, thin, and still, more than a year after release, more powerful than most Android phones. And yay, bonus, it gets updates first (update: so they told us -- February now and still not updated to Gingerbread) because it is "the dev phone" or "pure Google experience."

Geek Warning. The following is mostly technical information:

So what is up with the Nexus S? Underneath the skin, it is the same as Samsung's current Galaxy phones that came out in July (with added NFC chip and no 4G!). That is 6 months ago. For mobile phones, that is a long time.

With 4G here already and dual core phones just around the corner, the only incentive to buy the Nexus S is that it will be unlocked and get fast updates. This is what I encourage you to hold out for: dual core (Scorpion, Orion, or Tegra are all coming in mere weeks), 4G capable, 4.0 to 4.5" screen, thin bezel, 8-16gig ROM, 512MB (prefer at least 768MB) to 1GB RAM, sdcard slot, front video cam, and HDMI mirroring. Remember the HTC EVO? Remember how long ago that came out? It has most of these features and the Nexus S does not!

Finally: The Nexus S has no notification light!? It has become very useful to look over and see the light blinking red, which means text msg from a client who needs urgent attention; or pink to mean text from a girl I am crushing on; or green to mean... but the point is, I don't have to turn my phone on to know I have a message waiting. And they left that kind of functionality out of the Nexus S?

I understand the argument: "There will always be a better phone coming out tomorrow so you might as well get this now." I get that. But please consider this: There are sweet spots. There are times when a device comes out that was so well thought-out and so far ahead of the curve, that you can bet that it will last longer than the other currently available devices. That is what the Nexus One was. I'm thinking the EVO, too. Lucky for us these kind of devices come out quite often. Make no mistake: Nexus One didn't sell that many but that was due to the web-only availability and lack of marketing. The Nexus S is not a "sweet spot" device because it is using current/old technology; most notably single core 1ghz cpu and 3G; when 4G devices already exist. So while yes, the Nexus S is "great" or equal compared to most phones existing at this moment, superior phones will be widely available way too soon to spend ~ $529 (or go into a two year contract) for it.

Finally, there is the way Samsung has treated the hundreds of thousands of customers who purchased one of their Galaxy class phones. See this article or Google "Samsung Galaxy bugs" and see for yourself. There are a lot of angry customers out there. Do you want to support a company who treats their customers this way?

Please vote "no" by not buying this device. Send a message to Google and Samsung.

I'm betting it will be HTC who delivers my next phone. I'm even hoping that, as the Android OS matures, we will see less carrier-added OS mods and/or easier/faster updates for non Nexus-class phones. Google are you listening? HTC & Samsung are you listening? T-mobile are you listening?
Do not buy the Nexus S! 
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