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List of Feelings

afraid aggravated agitated alarmed
aloof angry anguished annoyed
anxious apathetic apprehensive aroused
ashamed beat bewildered bitter
blah blue bored brokenhearted
chagrined cold concerned confused
cool cross dejected depressed
despairing despondent detached disaffected
disappointed discouraged disenchanted disgruntled
disgusted disheartened dismayed displeased
disquieted distressed disturbed downcast
downhearted dull edgy embarrassed
embittered exasperated exhausted fatigued
fearful fidgety forlorn frightened
frustrated furious gloomy guilty
harried heavy helpless hesitant
horrible horrified hostile hot
humdrum hurt impatient indifferent
intense irate irked irritated
jealous jittery keyed-up lazy
leery lethargic listless lonely
mad mean miserable mopey
morose mournful nervous nettled
numb overwhelmed panicky passive
perplexed pessimistic puzzled rancorous
reluctant repelled resentful restless
sad scared sensitive shaky
shocked skeptical sleepy sorrowful
sorry spiritless startled surprised
suspicious tepid terrified tired
troubled uncomfortable unconcerned uneasy
unglued unhappy unnerved unsteady
upset uptight vexed weary
wistful withdrawn woeful worried

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