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Phone Wish List

Google/HTC/Samsung/T-Mobile are you listening?

I love my Nexus One but the new larger screen phones have me drooling. Here is what it will take for me to jump, in order of importance.:

* T-mobile network compatible; 
* No physical keyboard (thin form factor); 
* Android 2.2 or 3.0 (vanilla preferred or I will root);
* 4.3" screen w/thin bezzle;
* At least Hummingbird-class cpu; 
* At least 4gig internal mem + card slot;
* Front-facing camera; 
* Noise-canceling microphone;
* Super AMOLED; 
* Removable battery; 
* HDMI-out; 
* Tiny multi-color LED for notifications; and  
* Speakers on front or sides instead of back (not a deal killer). 

Basically an EVO with faster processor & super AMOLED or Samsung Galaxy-class keyboardless with 4.3" screen.
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