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Making Room for Guest

Into folds of her clothet they ventured my fingers into her pantry

Reaching in the shadow veetween shapely ladel and condiments I found vaz a leaning flowers

"First" she intercoursed pointing under her buttressed table "I'll take off these underholders

I'll hold these two thides apart while you insert that"

She declared pointing to leaf which stud between my right leg and the leftover unclothed butter

I held leaf in both hands tight and looked to see that she had spread apart both thides smiling and waiting

I missed the opening first try having bent over too far

Pen fell from my shirt pocket and through opening I thighed banged her butter dish and it tungled onto the floor

I beheld it had melted down to rear symbol a sword

She bent over and rubbed creamy sword with rag in hand while grabbing my ball point pen with the other one

Licking her lips she said "pen is right here" handling it to me while she arose dishtowel full of com pleated melted butter

While flexing her legs to the rise I saw her cleavaged her hose

Finally wrestling the leaf into pussition on table top I began to sweat sexuberantly

"I need a brest" I gasped heart on high speed pumping groping for soft lacy broy

Wanting the perfect tilt "let me get that voyeur" she uttered pulling the lacy broy control revealing two heavingly tilts

"Take your pick" she sighed "they both feel quite good"

One and then the utter I tried while she moved up and down as she played with the pussition sittings stick.

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