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Thursday NVC Potluck

The last NVC Workgroup was seven weeks long. We all learned a lot but we want more NVC practice and study! So... 

I've opened my home to people showing up on Thursdays any time after 6:30pm to eat, talk, and hang out. Show up at 6:30 or show up at 10:30. It doesn't matter.

What to bring:
- Hungry belly;
- Food or drink;
- Towel if you intend to use the hot tub; and
- A conflict you want to resolve

NOTE: Everything is optional. You don't know to know what NVC is. Just have a curious mind.

Show up when you want and leave when you want.

These "NVC Potlucks" differ from the work groups in these ways:
- There is no structure or plan;
- No "you have to have read the Nonviolent Communication book" rule;
- There is no leader; and
- There are no rules.

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