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Privacy Is Becoming Obsolete and Why It Needs To Happen

The idea of what "privacy" means is changing for the better.

If you worry about companies like Google wanting to know you and your habits, I think it is important to stop and ask yourself, "How is this really harming me?"

Some will angrily say, "They are making money off of knowing my habits! Sure, I get to use Gmail for free but the trade is not fair because they are getting more value than I am." Are you sure of this?

We are wired to have a natural reaction to someone taking things from us. This reaction usually contributes to our survival. Enter the 21st century where our possessions include data. The cost of creation, storage, duplication, and distribution of data is exponentially lower than those same costs related to physical objects.

So a person or company taking your data no longer equates to something being taken from you in the traditional sense. Unfortunately, many of us still have the knee-jerk defensive reaction when we think about someone "snooping" our data.

Our old ideas about what "take" means must change because they were based on physical objects that you could not just copy and paste. Now something can be taken from you while still being left behind. It is no longer a sacrifice to share!

Yes, a significant portion of our resources are still physical objects like food and transportation. But the growing importance placed on information is obvious and inevitable. And as our mind-space becomes more occupied with resources that can be freely shared, how does this affect us? How does it affect our attitude about sharing in general? And how do we insure that this transparency includes governments and corporations? Will social networks like Google+ and Facebook and sites like Consumerist and Yelp be enough?

Let's move ahead by leaving behind the habits that no longer serve us. Let's trust until deceived. Let's share until we are empty!

Why? What do you think of a future where every person has easy access to the creativity and knowledge of every person? Forget your fears for a moment and imagine the abundance!

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