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Search Engine Optimize Your Site

There are many things you can do to optimize your site for search engines. Please keep in mind, no matter how optimized your website is, if no one links to your site from other sites, your Google rank won't be even near page 1.

If you are looking for a content management system (CMS) that is highly conscious of SEO, please take a look at HotKey.

Note: Based on changes Google has made to it's page ranking algorithms, the above image is considered to be slightly "over-optimized". Best overall rule: keep it "natural" by keeping exact repetition low.
I've made some changes to HotKey that will in the quest to get your site highly ranked for many key words.

(1) Google's most recent change makes "fresh" content more valuable. So the more you change the content on a web site page, the higher Google ranks you. No one knows exactly how much it matters but all agree it matters quite a bit.

(2) Rules for "page settings" for any page:

Title of page - needs to have have the main keyphrase of that page in it.
Head description - needs to have the main keyphrase for that page at the beginning and otherwise be short (now less than 160 characters instead of 255).
Head keywords - less than 10 keyphrases is best. 

New: Hotkey modifications: Now when you are in "page settings" for any page, you can scroll down to "Head description" and click the new "FILL" button. It will copy the default head description from "site wide settings". Same with keywords.
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