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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Placement by Area

We get your site on the first page of Google Maps search results for your area. $600 gets you there and guarantees this ranking for two months.
So this is $200 setup fee plus two months at $250/month.

We guarantee your business front page placement on searches in a 50 mile radius of your business and dramatically increase your search ranking in searches. 
After two months you can stop. OR, if you want to keep your first page ranking, you can pay an additional $250 per month, month-to-month, with no contract. 

This is not adwords over on the side of the page. This is organic search results in the middle! We will make very specific changes to your site and changes to thousands of other sites out there, which will cause an immediate and massive increase in your site popularity with Google's ranking system. When we say "your area" up above, we mean a 50 mile radius of your location. Searches from outside that area will see an increase in your ranking but no guarantee of front page of search results. For those, you need our other [not area specfic] package here.

What we need from you
(1) Check for $700 to get started; and
(2) Short company description, less than 250 characters and ten phrases you imagine people typing into a search engine to find you. Most often these phrases represent the services you offer. Leave the name of your City out of these phrases as it will be assumed. Our guarantee is that at least one of your phrases will hit page one and at least one more will hit page two of Google Maps search results!*
*Please note: While 1 phrase on page one and 1 phrase on page two are what we guarantee, you will most likely get a few phrases on both those pages. We just can not guarantee that to all customers.

How do we do it?
We are combining traditional, non-traditional, money-out-of-my-pocket, and leveraging all the sites we host to net a massive increase in site popularity! NO BLACK HAT METHODS ARE USED so your site is not in danger of being black listed by Google. Very important!

(1) If you choose to stop after two months, your site will still retain the benefits of the changes we have made to your site so your overall Google ranking will be higher than ever before but you will probably drop quickly from showing up on the first page of search results.
(2) There are also things you can do to increase this ranking even more: publish blogs, publish videos to YouTube, get other businesses to put links to your site on theirs, etc. 
(3) If $600 (or $250/mo) is outside your budget, talk to us. We can scale this service to meet your budget. Out of the four methods mentioned above, we can leave out or reduce the "money-out-of-our-pockets" part in order to reduce your fee to fit your budget.

Online advertising in this manner is the most effective, targeted way to spend your advertising dollars. Offline advertising is the way that most business owners built their business from the ground up for decades. Whether they chose phone book advertisements, direct mail, door hangers or coupon envelopes, business owners spent thousands of dollars, year after year hoping that of the people reading their advertisement, maybe 1 in 100 would need their service and give them a call. Now, imagine if every single person reading that advertisement was in the market for your service, and lived in your own backyard.

Online Advertising on the major search engines makes sure that 100 out of 100 people that see your business are actually in the market for your services and are ready to make a buying decision!

We are a one stop online advertising (SEO & SEM) solution for all your online marketing needs. Our commitment to you is to brand your business online - and increase your visibility in front of your local customers. You need them to call you instead of your competitors. We place your business right in front of customers looking for your services in your area.

based in Austin, Texas site map Contact us for a free estimate now.