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HotKey Features
Easy Page Maker. WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get). Easy as using MS Word. In fact, you can paste directly from MS Word and retain the formatting! Create web pages, online newsletters, or whatever you can dream up.
Online Calendar. How about a dynamic part of your site that is called "Latest News" (or whatever you want to call it). You easily add/remove events that are displayed on your web site instantaneously.
User/Group/Subscription Manager. A few clicks to manage users, send email to subscribers telling them about your latest newsletter, event, or product.
Survey/Form Maker. Easily create your own polls, surveys, and forms. Powerful! Planning an event or meeting and you have two dates in mind? Create a poll to find out which date works best for the most people. This is a powerful way to ask for and get opinions. You can also use this tool to create custom contact forms, registration forms, etc.
Custom Lists. Create any kind of list you can dream up, including FAQs, products, testimonials, images, etc. We used this custom list maker to create the Online Calendar which means you have complete control over customizing your calendar.
File Manager. Upload/download files. Specify user groups for permission to access these files. Allow certain user groups to upload as well.
Simple Contact Management. Use the built-in tools to set aside parts of your site for each of your sales force. The salesperson logs in with a unique password and manages his/her client calls/visits/appointments from anywhere.
Export Site. What if at some point you want to move to another provider or stop using a content management system? We provide an easy way to export your entire site to HTML.

Optional Features
Online Store. With full-featured shopping cart system. Easily manage the items you wish to sell. Includes wishlist (can be turned off) and reporting capabilities. Multiple shipping addresses (can be turned off). This setup fee covers our time to tie the cart/checkout into your favorite credit card processing service such as or PayPal. $150 setup fee plus additional $10/month service fee.
Bulletin Board System. Message text formatting. Member control panel. Powerful security options. Multiple administrators and security levels. Forum statistics. IP Banning. Polls. Avatar gallery. Hot topics. Preview post. Image & file uploading in posts. Batch delete, move, archive of posts & messages. Batch delete members. Auto Login. Much more. $200 one-time setup fee.
Convert all pages of your site. The whole point of HotKey is to give you the power to easily build and manage your own web site. However, we find that some customers would rather pay us to transfer ALL of their current site into HotKey to get them started. See the chart below for conversion pricing:
1 - 50 pages $10 per page
more than 50 pages call 512-497-4841
New Site Design. The above prices are for transferring your current web site design into HotKey. However, if you want a new "face" for your company, a new design starts at $650. Click here for detailed pricing.
HotKey Support/Training. From OceanMedia, the creators of HotKey. $60/hour. 24-hour Support number: 512-497-4841
Anything We Can Dream Up Together. Is your product or service something different? Can you use a special feature tailored to your specific needs? Let's make a plan to build this feature in for you. It's one of the things we do quite well.
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