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Are you an ASP programmer in need of an easy-to-modify, full-featured web content management system with built-in shopping cart and tons of other features your clients need?

All source code and MS Access database and free updates forever!


How can I get HotKey for free? Click here
HotKey is yours to modify and use as you please. Put it on your Windows NT, 2000, or 2003 server OR use one of our powerful, state-of-the-art servers.
Ready to have a copy now? Or do you have questions? Contact us

Open source!
Free updates!
We all benefit!

The beauty of it all

We have a feature wish list for HotKey.

Now you can pay $90, obtain the source code, use it as you please AND if you write a feature from our wish list, you can earn back your $90 and contribute to everyone else using HotKey! And here is the super cool part: when other programmers contribute to our feature wish list, YOU can download the new version FREE.

Join the HotKey team. Contact us now.


We have a few standards we used to write HotKey and any code/script submitted to be added to HotKey must comply with these standards. The cool thing is these are pretty easy-to-follow standards. In fact, here they are:

Database Field Naming Conventions

Date field names must start with "d_". Example: d_birth, d_sale

Integer field names must start with "i_". Example: i_age, i_priority.

Currency field names must start with "c_". Example: c_price.

Numeric field names must start with "n_". Example: n_score

Text field names (strings) must start with "s_". Example: s_name_last, s_name_first, s_phone.

Memo fields must start with "m_".



based in Austin, Texas site map Contact us for a free estimate now.