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Start Web Site

You want to start a web site but the plethora of choices are confusing! You can relax because we are a 1-stop shop and we will make it easy for you. Below is an outline of how it typically goes. You can read that and/or you can give us a call to talk about your unique needs and how we can help.

Information Gathering
What is your business? Very important question. Your problems, needs, challenges, and strengths are unique.
Who is your target audience?
Show us some sites you love.
What is your budget for this project?
What features do you desire (please prioritize)?
Are you interested in seeing our web hosting and email hosting options?
Do you have interest in us creating animated commercials or other kind of animation for you?
When do you need it done by?
Possible planning sessions.

Establish Price (see pricing calculator)
We send you a proposal.
You send us the signed proposal and a check for 50% (33% for large projects) to begin work.
Do you have a logo? Do you want us to design you one?
We come up with a design (may include collaboration with you).
You approve the design.
If it is a large project: You send us a check for another 33% of total project fee.
We build the web site.
Site goes live, i.e., is visible to the world.
You send us the final check. You smile big. Everyone is happy.
IF you chose any of our monthly services (hosting and/or HotKey), here is where you pay us 6 months up front. Twelve month option is available but not encouraged.*

You are up and running
IMPORTANT: Communication.
IMPORTANT: Price of support.
IMPORTANT: HotKey tutorials.
IMPORTANT: Email help.
IMPORTANT: Hosting policy.
IMPORTANT: Payment policy.

*Why do we encourage 6 month payment up front and no less or more than that?
First: Paying month-to-month is cumbersome. We've found 6 months works great. More than 6 months makes it harder to adjust to your changing needs. For example, you could have lower bandwidth usage than initially projected and we need to lower your monthlies. Or the opposite can happen. So we prefer you to pay for less of a time span for greater flexibility and more fair billing amounts. Ask about our "trust plan" where you defer payment until after a 3 or 6 month period.

You could have picked any Austin web designers but you came to us and we appreciate that! Finally, in case you are thinking about using us for hosting, check out this page: Austin web mail.
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