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A winner will be selected on October 22.

What the winner gets
$600 value: $100 setup + $50/month x 12 months FREE
Business-class website and email hosting as you see hereNo hidden fees or taxes. You will never be added to any lists.

Enroll now by following the easy steps below
NOTE: all links below will bring up a new tab/window so you don't lose your place here.

(1)Sign in to your Gmail account (this is so you will see the +1 button on search results).
(2)Click here to search Google using these exact terms:
"media design hosting carts austin"
(3)In the search results choose the first "OceanMedia Design" link you see. Click the "+1" button you see to the right of the description.

(4)Watch this 1-minute animation of dolphins dancing, click "Like", and leave an honest comment. Points for creativity! Must leave your email address or phone number, too, so we can notify you of the win!
We made this song and animation a long time ago and have zero ego wrapped up in it so please don't worry about your comments hurting our feelings :-)
NOTE: You must be signed in to YouTube in order to vote and leave comments. Recommend signing in with either your Gmail login or Facebook login.

What happens next?
We will look at the list of YouTube commenters and pick a favorite comment. We will then make sure that person also did the "search and plus one". Then, immediately, we will contact you to let you know you won! Finally, we will get started on pointing your domain to one of our web servers, getting you FTP access, and giving you a login for admin access to your Business-class email. Please note: included is 30 free minutes of tech support. After that we do need to charge for consulting.

Question: The +1 button doesn't work. 
Answer: For that button to work, you need to have a free Gmail account and be signed in.

Question: YouTube won't let me leave a comment.
Answer: (1) Make sure you are signed in to YouTube (you can use your Gmail account or Facebook). (2) Sometimes you just need to try a different browser. If you are using Internet Explorer, try Chrome or FireFox.

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