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Scott Swain has been writing code and designing databases in various languages/platforms for over 40 years, 28 years professionally (since 1995). Over the course of those 28 years, approximately 1/3 of the time he has taken leadership roles, putting teams together, managing, mentoring, planning, guiding, and working with clients.

Currently working as a Python developer, with a hobby project being the continued evolution of

He has been actively studying communication, and conflict resolution since 1990, and people/systems management since 1995. He has been designing and facilitating communication and conflict resolution training programs for businesses, at conferences, in schools, and to workgroups for over eighteen years. These courses have ranged in length from thirteen weeks to one day to three hours.

Scott also has over 18 years of martial arts training under his Shaolin Kung Fu black belt earned in 2007. Prior to that, four years of karate with two years consensual garage fighting. 

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A few highlights

– Founded Practical Empathy Play Group on May 6, 2015, which has met 1 to 4 times per month since that date for a total of over 600 meetings and over 2100 members. Details:

– Currently editing final pages of his book, “PRACTICAL EMPATHY, Rewire your brain for more connection, freedom, harmony, and power”.

– Training wide range of ages and abilities in self-defense using Shaolin black belt and other experience.

– Teaching NVC* in a class format, from 13 week classes to weekend classes to one day classes to talks and one hour intros, starting in 2006.

– Led “Intro to NVC*” course for Zaaz’s customer service department.

– Created Play to Evolve card game and the EmpathyBot a.i..

– Assisting couples and families in resolving conflicts, increasing responsibibility, understanding, and deepening communication in the home.

– “NVC* in Business: Its TimeHas Come” – NVC * Academy 4-day course – 2014.

– Business mediation between Voice & Exit and a client of theirs – 2014.

– Trained owners (partners) and staff at LITEfactor in clear & efficient communication, internal and external. Included management, negotiation, and client relations – Austin, TX – 2014.

– Trained contract managers, negotiators, and other staff from National Contract Management Association – Austin, TX – 2012.

– Trained staff at Active Life Healing Clinic – Austin, TX – 2011.

– Taught “Empower Your Communication” class at Rethinking Everything Conference – Dallas, TX – 2013.

– Taught using NVC* at Children’s Discovery Center – Austin, TX – 2013.

– Motivational speaking and public speaking at business, parenting, and relationship building events.

– Attended Six-week NVC* course by Pat Siebert – 2005.

*Nonviolent Communication, precursor to the Practical Empathy system I created


Notes for above talk

Being in the moment
(1) Can’t fear without future think, more confidence, ease.
(2) Body will feel more relaxed, others see this as confidence.
– positive feedback loop.

Acceptance (is not agreement)
(1) Acceptance for self AND others. More for self leads to…
What to accept about yourself?
– abilities, thoughts, behaviors
– feelings and needs!
– are you evaluating yourself? Gradual moving toward…
– and OTHERS!

(1) Think of something you have done in the past that you feel some shame, guilt, or regret about. OR something someone else tried to guilt you about.
(2) Pick a harsh judgment. or evaluation of yourself and include it like so: “It was terrible / stupid / lame / mean / wrong.”
(3) Ask yourself what need(s) you were getting met or what value(s) you were meeting when you did the thing. Refer to the needs list in the chapter on basics, if you need to. Was it a need for ease? Recognition? Power? Order? Safety? It can be more than one. Write it/them down. “I did that thing because I was seeking more ____________________________.”
Hints: acceptance, connection, to be heard, power, community, play, love, mental stimulation

We all need more empathy!

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Scott Swain’s talk on Itegrity 2015

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