Web Browser-based Inventory Management System

Built with Python and Postgres. Responsive: Adapts to browser, tablet, and phone screen sizes.

Inventory Management with Python by Scott Swain

Python: Cellular automata simulation

Scott Swain created this simulation in alpha-beta behaviors in fish with Python. Frameworks used include Flask, Psycopg2, and Arcade for graphics. Below is a short video of the code in action with sound. Used Visual Studio Code as the IDE.

Python Cellular Automata simulation by Scott Swain

Delivery Logistics

Full featured, browser-based delivery logistics application that tracks brokers, drivers, loads, items-in-loads, and much more.

Delivery logistics by Scott Swain

Book Cover Designer

Built for PhdBookbinding using Classic ASP, VBscript, Javascript, MS Access, HTML, and CSS.

Book Cover Designer by Scott Swain

Machine Learning: EQ Bot 

Built with Python, Flask, VBscript, Javascript, and PostgreSQL. Responsive: Adapts to browser, tablet, and phone screen sizes.

Machine Learning by Scott Swain

Python game: Zombie Feeder

Game, Source code, and entertaining video.

Python game by Scott Swain

Holopods Project Manager

Project Management by Scott Swain

Hotkey CMS

Full featured CMS I created in 1996 before WordPress was even a dream. Includes API calls for live price and time data for UPS, USPS, FedEx, and UPS. Also includes API calls to PayPal and Authorize.net.

HotKey CMS by Scott Swain